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AirPod Replacement Swap
AirPod Replacement Swap

AirPod Replacement Swap


Choose the generation of the AiPods you currently own.

DescriptionSwap out your old 1st or 2nd generation AirPod buds. We ship you a pair of recycled AirPods with new battery life, you send us your old AirPods back in the same box. (Charging case not included).

✔ 2 Recycled* AirPods Buds (R & L)
✔ Good as New Battery Life
✔ Fully Sanitized and Cleaned
✔ Free Return Shipping When You Bundle
✔ 90 Day Warranty 

*The AirPods you receive are recycled, therefore fine scratches and other minor imperfections may be visible on your replacement units. 

Our Quality

Phoneswap delivers pre-owned, professionally renewed iPhones.

✔ Fully functional iPhone (60 checkpoints performed by certified software)

✔ 80% or better battery life guarantee

✔ Data wiped/Unlocked

✔ Fully restored to original factory settings

Our Guarantee

Should you have any troubles with your upgraded iPhone, we've got you covered. Every swap comes with a 90-day warranty.