Transfer your data, factory reset & swap your sim card.

Congrats on making the swap and doing your part to contribute to a more sustainable future! Please remember, you will have 5 business days (starting the day after delivery) to return your old iPhone to Phoneswap. Failure to return your iPhone, or failure to return an iPhone that does not meet our eligibility requirements will result in a fee. Before you can return your package, there are a series of steps you will need to follow to prepare your old iPhone for return and ensure you have transferred all of your content from your old device to your swap iPhone and removed find my iPhone.

We ask that you spend 24 hours testing your swap iPhone before you send your old one back to us to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Once you send your old iPhone to Phoneswap, we will be unable to return it to you because it will have already found a new home! 

We'll send you reminder emails, with the option to opt out once you have sent your old phone in the mail back to us. Should you have any questions regarding your return, please reach out to

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How to package your old iPhone?

Place your old iPhone in the bubble pouch, zip it up and place it in the box.
Safely secure your package using tape. 

Where do I drop off my package?

You can drop your box off at any USPS location or USPS drop box.

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